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// One final warning- at the time of this writing, Amino Apps has recently introduced voice and video chat features.Not all communities on the app have them available, but this introduces a new avenue of danger.Sorry about the wall of text, but I really believe the information I wrote is valuable.)// I see a lot of reviews of this app that seem very shocked and reactionary to me, and I would like to provide some clear, and hopefully helpful information.// While Amino is intended to be accessible for young users, it is still an online social community.She feels that she NEEDS to be in this app and can't be with out it. Bullying, sexual content and the fact that you don't truly know the ages of the others you speak to in this app!! It's full of bullies (who even bully autists), they respond with lenny faces & kys (Kill yourself) but they do much more terrible things.

Obviously, this app is not safely monitored for children.Make sure they know what sort of things to look out for.Make sure they can recognize when someone they are speaking with is acting inappropriately.When I put forward legitimate concerns on this subject, instead of answering these concerns the moderators were rude and basically said: sorry you don't like it, this is the way it is.Did not answer any of the questions, just rude answers.

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